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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding & DMC colors - Teaching Cross Stitch

Still NO response re job apps and resumes! Pretty depressing. Most of week spent researching the cost of tent & wedding rentals for DD. She's asked me to stitch something on the white sundress she's chosen for her beach wedding, so took my entire box of blues with me for dinner Wednesday night. She'd made a mock up of the invite she's making herself and to go with the other blues she'd already chosen. She kept picking up DMC 517. I had 3 of them in the storage box and that's what her eye was drawn too, but I'm thinking it's a bit dark and you won't be able to tell what color it is, except it isn't black. I'm going to try to talk her into a lighter shade in the same family. OH.... doggone it, phooey, and FIDDLESTICKS!!! I just discovered the very long email I spent 2 hours putting together as I researched DMC .jpg's to compare with a PMS color chart I found online, and making suggestions is NOT in my sent box. WHERE IS IT???

My DD's fiance' has a 14-year-old. Knowing she would be at dinner I got inspired (or maybe crazy), hunted down a DMC mentor kit I'd ordered in 2005 but had never had a chance to use, and took one of the small stitching kits with me. While DD and fiance' were cleaning up, she showed me her scrap-booking (she's crafty!!), I asked if she'd ever heard of cross stitch, showed her the things I'd stitched for my DD, which she liked, so I pulled out the little kit and taught my first cross stitch class. I figured she was being polite to sit there and let me encourage her (she was very focused and doing amazingly well, if very slow - like I'm not). Those few stitches took well over an hour. I would have shown her some other things, but just putting needle and fabric in hand and making crosses (all going the same direction!!) was an accomplishment. My DD told me that she had worked on it some more later. Ok, where's all my stash that I can foist on her?? : ) Nope, I'm thinking she'd probably like Lizzie Kate, which I have none of. Or maybe a simple LHN. Not sure of her style. She had some plumish purple in her hair - but it was a temporary wash. I was trying to decide if I had been brave enough to put a strange color in mine, what color that might have been - or be. : )

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