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Monday, November 17, 2014

Long Time - No Post



Stoney Creek has a free Christmas banner leaflet, but the shipping is almost $4.

Don't forget all those links on my Freebies page. It hasn't been updated in quite a while, but many of those individuals and companies offer new freebies on a regular basis.

As for me, continued utter to extreme frustration with many issues in my life, most of which I can do nothing about, explains the absence. Family and health issues primarily. You definitely do NOT want to read a continuing barrage of the whys and wherefores. Just to say my errant belief in a "close family ties myth bubble" has totally burst.  I'm past ready to call it quits and move to parts unknown.
I've done very little stitching. Constant tingling carpel tunnel (or something else) and my eyes have gotten so bad it's just something I find more frustrating than ever as well. I have glaucoma, cataracts and mild diabetic retinopathy.  I've put off cataract surgery for years because of even other eye issues. Most recently is that even WITH my glasses at times I flat can't focus, and my ability to focus between not-at-all and amazingly well even using only the far vision portion of my trifocals .... the result of one of the eye drops I use for glaucoma. I'm going to get a second opinion before I do anything. At my latest specialist visit I took some exception when I expressed concern about the focus of any lens they might PERMANENTLY insert being the wrong one when my long-time glaucoma specialist actually chuckled and said "that's why they make glasses."  Wait a minute!! I was under the impression that with the right lens I would only have to use reading glasses, but that's NOT what he meant, because I asked. Further, because the drops I use cause my focus to change (get MUCH better for a short period of time) at least I can take my glasses off during that time and still see better than when I need to wear them. With permanent lens, I couldn't even do that and my vision would be completely kaput until the effect wore off a few hours later, during which all I could do would be sleep or sit doing pretty much nothing. That's not IMPROVING my vision and absolutely something I intend to put up with! And because I have glaucoma, the surgery is going to be more complex and the risks higher.  Great, I have a good chance of going blind as it is from one or more of the other issues, and cataract surgery might just hasten that reality?

But to end on a positive note, I've just sung another duet with our church choir director (OUR own SA arrangement of Dotti Rambo's "Behold the Lamb"), and will sing a special version of Silent Night on Christmas Eve as well. I'll get to see it for the first time Wednesday evening and look forward to it. I find that despite the nerves, since I've never sung duets before  I'm actually enjoying it. I've ALWAYS enjoyed singing. She keeps saying how well my voice blends with hers. It's just been that have been several very long intervals between the opportunities to do so. Now if I could only remember the words and notes without having to glance down at the music. :D Funny, in my youth I could sing something with the sheet music thru just a couple of times and have it memorized. Definitely NOT in my dotage.

BTW, here in the DFW area we got a dusting of snow Sunday evening.