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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Volunteer of the Year

I do volunteer work with the Arlington Office of Emergency Management and am a member of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team.) I was invited to an appreciation luncheon on Monday. In the past these have been for all volunteers and after work, so I found a noon lunch sort of odd. I almost didn't go. I have been hobbling for the past month due to an apparent torn cartilage in my knee so I've been carefully staying off my feet as much as possible with the intent that it will heal without surgery, which for me is simply not an option. I even cancelled the MRI which would only confirm whether or not I needed surgery, and since that's not an option why waste that $334 up front payment.

Anyway, the walk from car to Office really wasn't something I really wanted to do.  However, I was fortunate to find a parking spot right in front of the building and was very surprised to find only 6 volunteers were invited. The head of the Office of Emergency Management then announced that rather than name one CERT Volunteer of the Year, because we all contribute in such different ways, we were all named Volunteers of the Year and received a Certificate of Appreciation. The entire staff was present, and the woman among them had cooked the enchilada type entres and the guys chipped in for rice, beans & chips. 

After lunch we were told we would each be featured in the City's online newsletter. Here is THE LINK to mine.

While staying off leg, and because my computer is still giving me problems, I took the opportunity to do a lot of stitching, finally finishing a Christmas gift from last year, doing a bit of work on the project for my new SIL, and in a 3 day marathon stitching session, stitched a Marjolein Bastin bit for myself (eventually I'll get a photo of it.) In fact, I did too much stitching and have aggravated the tendon in my thumb, which previously caused "trigger thumb" and required a steroid shot to eventually heal. OWWWWW!!!  Not doing THAT again, so I've had to quit stitching - again. Using the computer mouse aggravates thumb as well. So other than sit, watch TV and eat too often, I am totally BORED.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010