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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day, Patriotic Charts & General Stuff

Belatedly! There's a quick Father's Day chart in my Freebies, as well as several red/white/blue patriotic charts from last year.

Have not done any stitching at all in past couple of months. My hands & eyes just bother me too much at times. I have read a couple of books recently, something I rarely do any more because of serious eye issues that cause my eyes to tire and go blurry very quickly. But it was nice doing that once again - for a change.

The resident raccoons have produced their newest litters. I love seeing the still-nursing but rapidly growing and now solid-food eating kits the Mamas bring to my patio in search of handouts. In fact, one of the mamas will lay on the patio nursing them. It looks like one huge ball of fur! She has a den somewhere around the yard. Guess she's too lazy to gather the kits and go home to do it. While the kits wander a bit to nibble on kibble, she'll lay on her belly eating whatever is within her reach. It is sooo funny.

Photos: I have so far been unable to d/l promised photos to computer. Good thing I have a 4BG memory card. Eventually.

I accepted a custody case a couple of weeks ago. A fact situation completely in my client's favor has already turned south and the case is going to be several times more complicated (and thus far more expensive) than I originally could have anticipated. I swore after my last custody case 3 years ago (actually 2 at the same time), I would never do one ever again. I wish I had listened to myself.  I only took it on as a favor to a friend. I will never get paid for the time I've already put into it - and it's just getting started.

My brother called this evening on his way home from the airport. He'd been in NYC with an orchestra playing for some upscale anniversary party whose guests included The Donald & Michael Douglas. He's played so many of these types of affairs it's just all in a day's work for him. He was more interested in finding some well-known local eatery he and my DD ate in when they both happened to be in NYC at the same time a couple of years ago. He just found out he'll be playing back-up for Alicia Keys on the BET Music Awards  June 27th. Now that my VCR has completely died, I've got to figure out how to record on my DVD. Wait, I've now got a VCR/DVD combination (which I finally set up after about 18 months of just sitting in the box - until my solo DVD player died a few weeks ago - the separate VCR quit working at least a year ago.) Don't ask.

The Office of Emergency Management contacted me earlier this month offering to pay my registration fee and parking to  attend a 3-day State Citizens Corps Conference in Dallas next week, being sponsored by VOAD (Volunteer Disaster Assistance) and the Citizen Corps, among other emergency and disaster volunteer groups. Should be really interesting. See the agenda here: 2010 State Citizen Corps Conference

Now if I could only get the OEM to actually hire me.