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Thursday, June 27, 2013

WIP Update

Current status of Welcome Friends. I knew I wouldn't like stitching on the Aida 14, and I definitely do NOT,  but by the time I was hating it I just didn't want to start over. It's so stiff that in trying to "sew" a few of the stitches the needle bent. Ive decided to omit the top and bottom sections and just stitch the area including and between the horizontal vines above and below the grapes. I may leave out those horizontal vines as well and end up with an oval or circular design instead.

A very sad day for my family. Mother died two years ago today. I miss her more than ever. I remember clearly that last Sunday I visited her. If there is one day in my entire life I could do over it would be that one day. I would really LISTEN to what she was really trying to tell me then rather than being cheerily upbeat when she suddenly got uncharacteristically serious, only realizing in retrospect why she was being serious and loving her so much more for trying to make me understand. When I obviously didn't, she said nothing more. I so so wish she had. My failure to really listen and understand, and spend so much more time talking to and comforting her is a regret I will always carry with me.  I would give everything but my family  just to have a few more hours or days to be with and really listen to and talk with and hold my Mom.

My Dad tripped on the step of a porch and took a flying hard fall on to the driveway in mid-May. He claimed, only half in jest, that someone was trying to keep him from driving back to Kansas City (he's almost 89) the next day. How he did NOT break something even the doctor doesn't know, but he was badly skinned, bruised and swollen for over a month as a result and is still having some issues. Had he left when intended he'd have been in the middle of the Oklahoma/Kansas tornado outbreak, so I guess the fall was probably a good thing. However, he's decided he's healed enough and is once again driving over the objections of EVERYONE back to KC. My sister is trying to get him to promise this will be the last time. As he told me the trip last fall was the last time, I don't hold out much hope. If you can spare a prayer for his safe journey, it would be appreciated.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy to Recommend New Blog

It's not cross stitch or needlework, but our 123MB friend, Rowland Cole, an amateur but professional quality wildlife photographer from England, has just started a blog:  Through My Lens. He takes beautiful photographs and tells wonderful stories about his photography adventures. He has the most amazing way with both wild and domestic creatures. Even baby squirrels want to go home with him. Check out his new blog!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Another new start

White Santa is still not finished. I've done very little stitching since that post. Just the past week I started stitching on a Dimentions kit I acquired from a fellow stitcher selling stash (which is what *I* should be doing!) with thoughts of my wine aficionado sister and BIL for Christmas - some year anyway.   The fabric is 14-count khaki aida, making the completed piece 10 x 14 (much bigger than I really want to ever frame), is horribly stiff even after I tried to rinse the sizing out, and which I do NOT like. I searched for something 32 count in my stash, but have started stitching on the aida anyway.  I'm normally a "stitcher" but this is so stiff I'm having to do the jab and pull method, which takes me twice as long. I'm hoping after it's been handled a while it'll soften up.

After applying for 2 part-time positions in the past month let me observe that being over 60 and instantly deemed vastly over-qualified for the types of positions that I'd even want to take on at this stage of life equates with being 16 and experienced at nothing - totally pointless.  Everyone is very happy and pleased with the knowledge and breadth of experience I bring to my volunteer activities, but no one will hire or pay me. It's very demoralizing.