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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pillow Cases

First a disclaimer. I did not make this pillow case, nor is it my photo. Due credit goes to Carol on the 123MB who made this wonderful pillowcase, and the photo is linked from her Carol's Photobucket album.

On the 123MB I've been drooling over the most wonderful pillow cases made by some of its members. I've got the itch to make one or two, for myself if no one else. I use 5 at a time and for gifts ... Wow! Understand that the last thing I sewed was a cat carrier pad cover (over an piece of old matress pad) about 15 years ago, and before that most likely that little pick gingham apron I made for my then 18-month-old DD. She's almost 39. I have a Singer that is older than she is, and some clunky pink thing her Dad once gave her back in high school. The bottom tension on both is atrocious, which is the primary reason I threw up my hands and screamed in utter frustration. I haven't used either since. But for a pillow case, I MIGHT consider pulling one out. How creative and fun can this get?? Here's a couple of links to excellent YouTube instructions.

Sausage pillow case with hidden French seams  (it looks easier than it sounds)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Greetings Bookmark

Count: 27w X 113h
Finished Size     14/28 ct 1-7/8w X 8h in
                         16/32 ct 1-5/8w X 7h in
                         18/36 ct 1-1/2w X 6-1/4h in

Use 2 strands of floss for crosses and backstitch
Use 1 or 2 strands of Kreinik Braid
Use 2 stands for simple French Knot

This pattern will fit a Charles Craft Bookmark, or make your own out of your favorite fabric with lace or rickrack as an edging, if you so desire. Back with felt. Choose your favorite shades of red and green. Overdyes in muted tones would be lovely. Perhaps a Kreinik gold braid? Back stitch the letters. The little dots are French knots. If to be used in a book, do NOT substitute beads for the French knots.
Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved
LMc Designs / Bits of Floss

Download and use are subject to the Copyright information on the right side of this page. Please respect designer's Copyright.

I'd love to see your finsihed Bookmark!

Merry Christmas, all!!

LindaMc 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Check out My Christmas Freebies From Earlier Years

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another round of computer problems, which I myself managed to troubleshoot. Only took 12 hours. More apologies for my utter brain block on design creation. I haven't forgotten. Sooner or later an autumn and perhaps a Halloween design will be posted, probably at least 6 months late! I don't understand the artistic block. Sometimes I have so many ideas I can't get them all done. Had a good Thanksgiving with family. My daughter has plans for a large Christmas gathering, however my elderly parents announced on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner they were skipping Christmas. Too much confusion and hullabaloo for them. I did a wee bit of over one stitching before Thanksgiving - my only project in months. I needed to get it in the mail 2 weeks ago. In October I was at the Alzheimer's Walk and yesterday at the Jingle Bell Run in Fort Worth. Not as a participant but as a radio operator. I've done no Christmas shopping. The only thing on my list is the traditional calendar for my DD. The extended family has thankfully given up giving gifts to each other. We either already have everything we want or need, or the needs far exceed a simple token present.