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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pillow Cases

First a disclaimer. I did not make this pillow case, nor is it my photo. Due credit goes to Carol on the 123MB who made this wonderful pillowcase, and the photo is linked from her Carol's Photobucket album.

On the 123MB I've been drooling over the most wonderful pillow cases made by some of its members. I've got the itch to make one or two, for myself if no one else. I use 5 at a time and for gifts ... Wow! Understand that the last thing I sewed was a cat carrier pad cover (over an piece of old matress pad) about 15 years ago, and before that most likely that little pick gingham apron I made for my then 18-month-old DD. She's almost 39. I have a Singer that is older than she is, and some clunky pink thing her Dad once gave her back in high school. The bottom tension on both is atrocious, which is the primary reason I threw up my hands and screamed in utter frustration. I haven't used either since. But for a pillow case, I MIGHT consider pulling one out. How creative and fun can this get?? Here's a couple of links to excellent YouTube instructions.

Sausage pillow case with hidden French seams  (it looks easier than it sounds)

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