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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another round of computer problems, which I myself managed to troubleshoot. Only took 12 hours. More apologies for my utter brain block on design creation. I haven't forgotten. Sooner or later an autumn and perhaps a Halloween design will be posted, probably at least 6 months late! I don't understand the artistic block. Sometimes I have so many ideas I can't get them all done. Had a good Thanksgiving with family. My daughter has plans for a large Christmas gathering, however my elderly parents announced on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner they were skipping Christmas. Too much confusion and hullabaloo for them. I did a wee bit of over one stitching before Thanksgiving - my only project in months. I needed to get it in the mail 2 weeks ago. In October I was at the Alzheimer's Walk and yesterday at the Jingle Bell Run in Fort Worth. Not as a participant but as a radio operator. I've done no Christmas shopping. The only thing on my list is the traditional calendar for my DD. The extended family has thankfully given up giving gifts to each other. We either already have everything we want or need, or the needs far exceed a simple token present.

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