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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthdays & Finally a Finish

Today is my daughter's 39th birthday!! How fast those years have passed! She's finally landed a temp job doing what she loves to do. Hopefully she'll prove invaluable and get hired full-time. She needs the health insurance! I bought her a small orchid at Kroger at a good price, and IF later today goes as planned, I'll be picking up my mother and meeting DD then going to a large garden center (just down the street from her), then out to lunch.

Yesterday, SIL's youngest was Sweet Sixteen. I'd bought the JBW Very Merry Summer to mail her along with fabric, floss & needle - but after I started stitching a bit just to get her started, realized it would probably be more than she could remember from 2 summers ago. So I stitched it instead - unfortunately on the 14ct white Aida I'd purchased for her - AND EVEN FINISHED IT (sorry, totally forget to take a photo) by gluing it to a square of acid free white matboard, gluing down the backs, covering those with white felt, then running a strand of gold metallic braid around the edges, leaving a loop at the top for hanging. First finish I've done since before Christmas. I also bought a very small, inexpensive cross stitch kit that if she's interested and lets me know, I'll help her with. AND, in sorting through all my stash, I FINALLY found the calendar cover I'd stitched for another one of SIL's DD's for Christmas! Now, as soon as I find the calendar I bought to put that in, I'll get THAT in the mail as well!

Please vote for this worthy woman and charitable group

My sister posted this on Facebook earlier today.

"To all my Facebook Friends: Please go to this link and vote for Nancy Carter of Carrollton, TX, as the Energizer Bunny. She leads a group I work with that sends care packages to the troops and works tirelessly no matter what part of the world she is in. Read her bio at this link. The troops and I THANK YOU!"

Nancy is the founder and tireless cheerleader and worker behind Airborne Angel Cadets, a volunteer group which acquires donations of items and purchases others then packs and ships (sometimes at their own expense) care boxes to members of the military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I generally do not get involved in "please vote for" requests but because this one affects the ability of a group to help our military members overseas, here I am.

Please visit their website. It has additional information re voting and about this highly motivated and very dedicated group. Thank you on behalf of our troops! Your vote is appreciated.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking Tragic News

Lisa Roswell, of The Primitive Needle, died yesterday when her car was swept off the road by a flooded river as she drove to work at the North Coast Cancer Center. You may leave a message/comment for her family on her blog.

Local news article

Condolences to her family and many friends.