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Reading List

July 28, 2014:

I must admit that losing my long Reading List contents in October, 2013, almost completely did in my desire to read anything. I've read very little since then.  Even books I checked out, I ended up turning back in having only read a few pages. However, I did get a lot more stitching done! Thank goodness for the Library's "Reading History" page, though it only goes back to November 2011. Maybe someday I'll copy it, get rid of the table, and repost all those other books I've read in the past 5 years.  But for now, the books I have read since October 2013:

  1. Death swatch : [a scrapbooking mystery - Childs, Laura. 
  2. A Piggly Wiggly Christmas - Dalby, Rob.
  3. Gossamer ghost -Childs, Laura.
  4. A pizza to die for - Cavender, Chris.
  5. Aunt Dimity and the wishing well -Atherton, Nancy
  6. Rest in pizza - Cavender, Chris. 
  7. Frill kill - Childs, Laura 
  8. Scrub-a-dub dead : a Charlotte LaRue mystery  - Colley, Barbara.
  9. A catered murder - Crawford, Isis.
  10. Death of a kingfisher - Beaton, M. C.
  11. Killing Cupid - Levine, Laura
  12. Married to the mop : a Charlotte LaRue mystery - Colley, Barbara. 
  13. The missing dough - Cavender, Chris. 
  14. Killer crust - Cavender, Chris. 
  15. Holiday grind  - Coyle, Cleo.
  16. Roast mortem : a coffeehouse mystery - Coyle, Cleo.  
  17. Death of a dog whisperer - Berenson, Laurien.
  18. Death of a policeman  - Beaton, M. C.
  19. Pepperoni pizza can be murder Cavender, Chris. 
  20. A slice of murder -  Cavender, Chris.
  21. Death of yesterday - Beaton, M. C.
  22. Evan only knowsBowen, Rhys. 
  23. Steeped in evil - Childs, Laura. 
  24. Evan can wait : a Constable Evans mystery - Bowen, Rhys.
  25. Death runs adrift - MacInerney, Karen.
  26. Doggie day care murder : a Melanie Travis mystery -  Berenson, Laurien 
  27. Snapshot  - Wiehl, Lis W. -  New Release 2014  FYI: the story is fictional but based in-part upon events from her real life. The "snapshot" on the cover IS Lis sitting on a pedestal across the street from the Fort Worth Federal Courthouse, where I would occasionally have a hearing. The photograph of her sitting beside a small black black girl watching a Civil Rights Parade/Raley and her father's FBI/CIA? background led to a story and her book. Strange reading about fictional events in a city one is so familiar with. And I had to skew my brow when, for convenience's sake, round-trip drives to Dallas and Huntsville take mere minutes or part of an afternoon. That RT drive to Huntsville is almost 6 hours - minimum. That's okay. In Walker, Texas Ranger, they regularly drove from downtown FW to Houston or the Mexican border in a couple of  hours. IF ONLY !!! BTW, their sets duplicated the actual rooms in the Old Tarrant County Courthouse, which they regularly showed. They even did some pick-up shots AT the courthouse, which was interesting to watch in person.
  28. Gone with the Woof - Berenson, Laurien.  2014
  1. Patterns of murder - Ferris, Monica.
  2. The English Breakfast Murder - Childs, Laura (I've read the entire series)
  3. Embroidered Truths - Ferris, Monica - A Needlework mystery
  4. An Irish country Christmas - Taylor, Patrick
  5. An Irish Country Village - Taylor, Patrick

October 9, 2013

My LONG Reading List going back to 2009 disappeared when I was adding the most recent books I've read to the 150 or so I've read since then. All I was doing was trying to insert a photo of a book cover, which I'd done before. All seemed okay, then WHOOSH everything disappeared. I could not undo. I can't restore it. I am so upset!  Not that many people ever looked at the list, and no comments until I unexpectedly received the following from author, Lea Wait.

Lea Wait writes the Shadows Antique Print Mystery series set primarily in Maine, about a woman who collects and sells antique prints, teaches at a small college, has a deep desire to adopt which is in conflict with her boyfriend who doesn't want children, and, of course, inadvertently gets involved in murder mysteries. Very rich characters and locals you really would like to know personally. An interesting feature of the book is that every chapter begins with a short description of an antique print that often relates to the story-line. An EXCELLENT series. I recommend her highly and look forward to her next book!

I MAY try to redo the most current list, but right  now I'm too upset.


Lea Wait said...

So happy you've been reading my Shadows Antique Print Mysteries, Linda! Next year, fall of 2014, I'll be starting a new mystery series with Kensington, set in Haven Harbor Maine, with a background of stitchery. I'll let you know when I have an exact publication date. Lea Wait

LindaMc said...

Lea, what a pleasant surprise! I've so enjoyed those books and looks at prints and their artist/creators with a new and much more appreciative perspective! If only there were room on my walls. :D I'm REALLY
looking forward to the new stitchery series and am most happy to pass along this information to the 123 Message Board (a needle craft site) stitchers, many of whom are also read mysteries. Thank you so much for taking your time to post a comment. I'm still smiling!

LindaMc said...

And the welcome news has been passed on. If only there were an editor looking over my shoulder to point out missing words and typos BEFORE I hit send! Hopefully sharing your new series with stitching acquaintances will bring you many new readers! I'm also hoping you will continue the same format by starting each chapter with information about perhaps historic or iconic needlework from years and centuries past as well. I found the information about historic prints and illustrations at the beginning of each chapter and the way you relate and tie them into your storyline very creative. I think I should post this to your own website. :D