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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Durene Jones Pink Motif Freebies

DMC is sponsoring Crowd-Crafting for Breast Cancer in support of the UK's Pink Ribbon Foundation.  Deadline for submitting stitched projects is September 5th!

Designer Durene Jones has created an entire page of small pink, quick stitch motifs for those that wish to donate to the upcoming Pink Ribbon Foundation's Sale and to stitch for all your local Breast Cancer and other charities as you choose.  Copyright free. The link to the .pdf chart is on her FB page where you can also enjoy her bright and colorful designs including Friday freebies. Her designs are frequently features in UK cross stitch mags. A great chart of various small pink motifs to save and stitch from years to come. Not sure how long it will be available.

FB page: Durene Jones Cross Stitch Designs.

More DMC Pink Ribbon project info at
and at 

I have no idea what happened to information that once was on my Home Page, including visits, Weather, etc. What has Blogger done now???

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pam Kellog Small Freebies

Bird On Apple and others on her blog at  

Also beautiful patriotic eagle and Autumn Cat blackwork.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chart of different numbers.

Via the Cross Stitching Guild on FB - for personal and non-profit use only with permission of the copyright holder - feel free to share. Not for sale. Copy image and paste or save.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stitching Again at Last

It has been more than a year since I was able to see well enough to actually stitch, so these are my first two projects. These designs are Freebies from Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine.

Stitched on 14-ct Charles Craft Light Blue; finished stitched size 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches
I substituted the lightest red and the light green.

Stitched on 14-ct Charles Craft Oatmeal Fiddlers Cloth; finished size 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches
Ditto re the lightest red..

I plan to make these into Thank You cards. I bought some heavy weight light yellow scrapbooking stock for that purpose. Now just to glue or use double-sided sticky tap to hold everything together.

For my next project I've gone back to a kit I bought and barely started stitching 20 years ago: Jannlynn's Woodland Creatures Christmas Ornaments, no longer available. The thread has long since disappeared but the DMC colors are listed - which I have ooodles of. However, I find I just can't stitch on the included 18-ct navy Aida. I used to have a very strong glasses prescription which causes considerable magnification, but no longer. Suddenly everything is so much smaller and so far I haven't been able to adjust when it comes to fabric court.  Turned out I had a (probably equally old) packet of 14-Count Charles Craft navy.  It'd look great, but I can't  even see the 310, 433, 898, 3371 etc. on the fabric, making trying to stitch those colors basically impossible. Though my eyes are working much better now than in the past 2 years, they still aren't healed completely. I'm still dealing with severe dry eye caused by some of the eye drops, and resultant cornea issues that often cause everything to look blurry and/or haze, even IF I can get them in focus. I've got some of the lighter areas of the raccoon's belly stitched, but I'll either have to scrap it entirely or start over on a lighter color fabric. The light blue is too light (actually much lighter than it appears above) so I'll have to experiment. Actually, I don't know why I'm even stitching these as ornaments since I haven't decorated for Christmas in say the past 20 years either. But I do like cute creatures. I still have some Linda Powell creatures I stitched 25 or 30 years ago. :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jim McMillen's Big Band/Jazz arrangement for Let It Snow

a new single, recorded by Laura Dickenson this past week at Capital Records. Outstanding and fun. Some of the top studio and other musicians in LA,.

Let It Snow (LA version)

Let Laura know how much you like it on FB and/orYou Tube and share the link Freely!!

Question?  I've recently been unable to get south on You Tuve and some, but not other videos. When this first post to Laura's page on FB I had terrific audio. Now silence even on FB. Any one have any clue?


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Newest (and past) Permin Freebies

December 2015 - Santa with Goose  (cute)
November 2015 - Candles with Poinsettia (nice)

Most are small, simple and quick-stitch designs that will fit a 2" or 3" frame (depends on your fabric count and shape of the design). Perfect for a greeting card insert or glue-on and  quick Christmas ornies, etc. Also some button covers and at least one placemat or corner design for something. Nice mostly quick stitch designs when you want to set aside that BAP or do a quick project. The chart sheet includes any special stitching or instructions along with the shape of the appropriate small frame.

Best yet: Explore freebies back to May 2011 by changing the year and month at the end of the url.  July 2012 would be 2012_07 for example. HOWEVER, not all months are still available (I only spot checked primarily for December).. While May 2011 was still there, the next one was November. I found at lesast one duplicate. But if this sort of design/stitching interests you, it might be worth a bit of exploration. Without a photo on the chart sheet, sometimes it's a little hard to tell what the design is. My favorite has been the 2015_01  Deer in Forest scene. Wished I had used evenweave.

Note I'm thinking and talking about cross-stitching again! I'm waiting on my new glasses to come in but I'm so used to reading blur that while these Walmart readers are definitely not perfect, they are better than nothing,- even if I sometimes have to wear a second pair on top of the first to read - and stitch?

Update:  I've gone through and d/l all the freebies I back to the partial 2011. IF I still have the motivation, I MAY lst them by month, but only IF THERE IS SIGNIFICANT INTEREST.. A LOT of flowers, only a few of which I've indicate the colors when I saved.