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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Some of my Patriotic Freebies

And take a moment to watch Endeavour land at LAX in 2012 and listen to the Fanfare. It's very moving. I get choked up watching this again after all these years.  My brother slightly tweaked it and played trumpet in the small musical ensemble. I love him so much! His musical endeavors (pun not necessarily intended) have entertained me, but more importantly have had great meaning in and have enriched my life. I need to tell him that. 

I also remember my dear Mother who passed on this day in 2011. I wish I had taken the opportunity to have told her over and over just how very much she meant to me.


Laura said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Linda as I know this day is not easy for you....thank you also for posting the freebies - I was going to start looking for some today and you beat me to it!! :)


LindaMc said...

Thank you, Laura. I hope you enjoy stitching a freebie. Would you consider posting a pic of your finish here?

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