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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Online Freebies

May Sampler - from With Thy Needle and Thread
Welcome October - from With Thy Needle and Thread
C'est l'automne - from Gazette 94 - and many other freebies
Pinwheel's Ornaments & Tutorials - NOT freebies, but great ideas for finishing smalls!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Freebies from UK's Cross Stitcher Magazine

Best with color printer!

Margaret Sherry's ABC's - entire alphabet! - whimsical & delightful!
Scrolled alphabet
Christmas Pudding
Mini Dandelion - very quick stitch

Stitch a Star page includes (all are sepia-toned - click on the underlined "here" in each section): John Wayne, Michael Jackson, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Bruce Springsteen, James Dean, the Stig (?), Zac Efron, Keira Knightley, & Barack Obama


The Toymaker: Came across this DELIGHTFUL site by a fantastic illustrator who features freebie toys, boxes, etc for you to print, cut out and glue together. She also publishes books of her designs.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post Halloween Freebie

Jack takes a well-deserved beach break!!

Size: 34w x 43h
14 ct: 2-3/8 x 3 inches

Click here for chart. All downloads are subject to the copyright information on the right.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Beach Wedding #2

Forecast was for lingering clouds and showers to completely clear by afternoon before the wedding with lovely clear weather near 70 on Saturday. Instead it was heavily overcast, damp and 53 degrees! At least the wind was calm and it didn't rain - though the ground was mushy from rain all week. Two of DD's friends of 25 years held a Bride's breakfast, then most there headed immediately to help set up decorations and put out the tables and chairs, etc. Large tent was erected in my parents' back yard, DD and friend of bride spent all day Friday cooking. He brought his huge cooker with racks of BBQ ribs, chicken and brisket, etc. LOTS of food. I guess it's not unexpected that many who RSVP'd didn't make it, but DD was disappointed nonetheless. Ceremony was again wonderful. DD left her vows "script" in the house yet recited it perfectly. Groom was in strong voice and equally happy to relate how he'd fallen in love with her blue eyes, and the minister was wonderful. Food was great. They decided not to serve alcohol and even forewent the champagne this time. They'd already arranged for an "after party" being held at the Karaoke bar where they met. The owner had ordered a cake and 2 dozen roses for them! I trailed in later, having taken left-over potato salad and their wedding cheese cake home to my fridge when I discovered they'd just left it sitting outside (plenty cool, but too risky - and then there was the possibility of hungry critters - not to mention rain.). Groom loves to sing karaoke. Those in my family took over the pool room, but I mostly sat and talked to the family from Germany who flew all the way to Texas to come to DD's wedding. Before we left, I was talked into joining Nephew, Groom, Sister and her DH for a go at Margaritaville.