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Various Information I've run across that might interest others:

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List of Donna Vermillion Giampa Pillow Designs (absolutely beautiful)
Listed by Publishing Date in Just Cross Stitch
"The ones that follow are in order of release and these are complete to date, as far as I know: "
1. Pears Pillow: JCS October 1999
2. Acorn Pillow: JCS December 1999
3. Grapes Pillow: JCS February 2000
4. Pumpkin Patch: JCS October 2000
5. Holly Pillow: JCS December 2000
6. Strawberry Fields: JCS April 2001
7. Lemons Limes & More: JCS August 2001
8. Orchard Apples: JCS October 2001
9. Passion for Plums: JCS February 2002
10. Just Peachy: JCS June 2002
11. Cabbages Pillow: JCS February 2003
12. Onions Pillow: JCS April 2003
13. Peppers Pillow: JCS December 2003
14. Eggplants Pillow: JCS June 2005
15. Gerbera Daisies: JCS February 2009
16. Hydrangeas Pillow: JCS April 2009
17. Pansies Pillow: JCS June 2009
18. Peonies Pillow: JCS August 2009
19. Seashells Pillow: JCS June 2010
20. Fall Harvest: JCS October 2010
21. Frosty Woodland: JCS February 2011
22. Blooming Spring: JCS April 2011
23. Farmer's Market: JCS June 2011
(posted by Kim on 123MB)


Anonymous said...

This are the listof Donna Vermillion Giampa's design that I've been looking for, wish they had it only in each chart like the other fruit design.. Thanks!

Kathie said...

Does anyone have a December 2003 "Just Cross Stitch" with the peppers pillow instructions? I am also looking for a service that will reproduce a picture for cross stitch. Any help gratefully appreciated.

energizerbuny said...

Thanks for the info. I need to complete my collection starting with the 2009 releases. The list is missing Bees Galore Pillow from Just Cross Stitch August 1999.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful information of Donna's Pillow Design, now I could a list to hunt for all of the mags of JSC...

Anonymous said...

Also missing from the list: Daffodils Pillow, in Just Cross Stitch March/April 2012.

Patterns published between 2001 and 2010 can now all be found on the Just Cross Stitch 10-year collection disc. Much easier than chasing individual back issues.