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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hershner's:  Tea Cozy Ornament   Gingerbread JOY Banner
  - many others, look under needlework

Leslie Teare Christmas Owl - and Christmas Baby Deer - be sure to click on her blog which has many other recent freebies including including Woodland creatures and Birthday Fairies.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Freebies and Some Catch Up

Jacky Lonen has shut down her blog. Her beautiful designs are free until such time the blog disappears:  Includes flowers, birds and other designs.

From CEC: Christmas Elf

Stitch Niche:  Is for sale. The family and staff held a Wake  for Kathy at a local pub,  J Gilligans. Many stitchers, friends and family came, some I'd met at just drop-in shop visits. Beautiful eulogies by family members. Lots of Miller Lite, Kathy's favoirte brew, and J Gilligans Irish Nachoes (featured on the Travel Channel). Good food, good friends, and happy memories of a wonderful woman .

Eyes: Although released by cataract surgeon 10 days ago, still having issues and have seen my decades-long prescribing/diagnostic optometrist and a glaucoma doctor since because 1) I didn't trust the prescription the surgeon's tech determined, and 2) my pressures had gone up despite the iStints and glaucoma drops. After well over an hour of refraction by the optometrist he determined a setting that would give me 20/20 vision in my good eye anyway, and the best possible in the bad eye. Then the NEW glaucoma doctor 1) determined the pressures were a bit lower and she wasn't concerned and 2) there was no more swelling or inflammation caused by the surgery, but 3) my eyes were still very dry and my eyeballs/corneas irritated despite all the artificial tears, all of which affect my vision. Further, that my vision was still in a state of flux and she suggested I not get either prescription filled and either see my regular glaucoma doctor in North Dallas (NOOO)  or I could come back to see her in a month. Really?  PERFECT!  I'd already decided to search for a new glaucoma doctor anyway. I won't even have to get on a highway to drive to their FW office! My vision is overall better, but I'm STILL going to have to wear trifocals!! I may ask optomotrist for a bi-focal prescription and find somewhere I can get a really cheap pair. Haven't decided.

But over all I was disappointed, deflated, irritated,  PO'd, depressed. Any and everything other than happy and joyous, pleased or satisfied. I was looking forward to being released and get to get my life back and do things I haven't been able to do because of the eye problems only to discover I still have all the same problems (except no cataracts) and now new ones caused by the newly implanted lenses themselves. I'm sick and tired of all of this. New doctor told me I'd have to be patient, some eyes just take longer to heal. Yeah, I've heard that and Easier said than done. I'm sick and tired of being "patient."