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Monday, June 10, 2013

Another new start

White Santa is still not finished. I've done very little stitching since that post. Just the past week I started stitching on a Dimentions kit I acquired from a fellow stitcher selling stash (which is what *I* should be doing!) with thoughts of my wine aficionado sister and BIL for Christmas - some year anyway.   The fabric is 14-count khaki aida, making the completed piece 10 x 14 (much bigger than I really want to ever frame), is horribly stiff even after I tried to rinse the sizing out, and which I do NOT like. I searched for something 32 count in my stash, but have started stitching on the aida anyway.  I'm normally a "stitcher" but this is so stiff I'm having to do the jab and pull method, which takes me twice as long. I'm hoping after it's been handled a while it'll soften up.

After applying for 2 part-time positions in the past month let me observe that being over 60 and instantly deemed vastly over-qualified for the types of positions that I'd even want to take on at this stage of life equates with being 16 and experienced at nothing - totally pointless.  Everyone is very happy and pleased with the knowledge and breadth of experience I bring to my volunteer activities, but no one will hire or pay me. It's very demoralizing.


SoCal Debbie said...

What a beautiful design to stitch. I hope you find better fabric so you can start over and enjoy it.

Silverlotus said...

I'm sorry you are having trouble finding a job. :( It can be really demoralizing. I hope something turns up soon.