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Monday, July 6, 2009

Frustrating eye problems

I test at 20/20 vision with my glasses, HOWEVER that is sooooo not true. I spent almost 2 hours at my long-time eye-doctor's office this morning with intent of getting new prescription that will help with vision issues and relieve eye strain. I've never been able to wear the ones I got 18 months ago, which are too strong - the focal length too short, they magnify toooo much, or something. My 5-year-old pair suffer from badly scratched (scratch resistant) and foggy lens, not to mention they've been slept or sat on a few too many times. At the end of appointment: 1) there's such a slight change in prescription I could keep the old prescription - the one in which my right eye is never in focus at any distance , 2) maybe a slight prismatic correction to help my old eyes from the constant need to adjust up and down to correct focus and the resulting double vision when they get too tired to work together any more, and 3) have cataract surgery for tee-niny little ones, the real purpose of which would be to remove the lens to both reduce (but not cure) problems with glaucoma AND my prescription strength by at least 1/2. I'd still need drops and glasses. I say - WHY BOTHER? I agreed to see if sample stick-on prisms on my old glasses would help -and more importantly whether my sensitive eyes could even handle it. Not hopeful as I dutifully wore a pair of prismatic lens for a full week 30 years ago, but had such MAJOR problems I dropped them in the nearest Lion's club collection box then wore my old beat up ones for 2 more years until they fell completely apart. In the meantime, I continue in my old bent, scratched and cloudy glasses. Reading text or stitching just isn't what my eyes want to do any more. It's incredibly frustrating.

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