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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I didn't even know she was dating someone until Saturday!

She's 37, and only this past weekend I was lamenting to a close friend that I really worried she would never find someone compatible, be amenable to her strong, independent personality, and I was worried that she wouldn't have anyone to care for her as she ages (the discussion started with us commenting on caring for our elderly parents, then who would take care of us ... and my comment that she would have no one to take care of her). I was apparently writing that email about the same time he was proposing, which caught her by surprise as well.

I only met him Monday afternoon (was that just day before yesterday?) for a quick 3 or 4 minutes, and today she calls me on the cell phone. She never calls me on the cell phone. Couldn't be good. I listened waiting for the shoe to drop. I should have told her I'd call her back. I never talk on the cell phone while driving. After telling me about some business issues she drops the bombshell. I literally stuttered for the 7 or 8 blocks home, carefully focusing on my driving until I could pull in the drive, then said "Would you repeat what you just said!" Did she say what I thought I heard? She did. I said "could you hold, I'm going to get out of the car and go in the house now." LOL THAT'S how stunned I was. After asking her to call back on the land line and talking to her for an hour, then talking to my friend for almost an hour, then talking to my sister for almost an hour, then calling DD back and the phone being handed to her .... OMG she has a Fiance'!! I'm in an adrenalin rush overload aftermath stupor.

All our lives just took a 90 degree turn. Some really really good, some ... well, I'm suddenly going to be a MIL, and I'll have a SIL, and since he has a step-grandaughter (who may live with them), I'm going to be ... a step-GRANDMOTHER IN LAW, or is that step GREAT GMIL ... all in the same day. My brain just can't wrap around this totally out of the blue turn of events.

And, because I'm a family lawyer and tend to think this way, I asked her about a pre-nup. When I talked with him this evening I told him I expected him to be loving and kind, patient and respectful. I'm saving the, "if you do anything to harm her I'll ... " (fill in blank) til later, just in case he really is a really good guy - don't want to scare him off. :D Anything I missed? As excited as I am for her, there are some downsides. She'll have to deal with them for herself. If she needs help, she's never hesitated coming to Mom. I suspect that's one of those things that will change.

I haven't a clue what to stitch for them. I bought one of those intricate L&L bride designs and a lot of French blue linen many, many years ago when she was thankfully only temporarily engaged. Just so NOT her! She wants to get married on a beach, preferably barefoot.

Oh, the possibilities!! Any suggestions?

Since I want to wait for her to tell other family members, I HAD to tell SOMEONE how excited I am for her! How about the whole world? !!!


Nancy in IL said...

Linda, what a shock this is for you! I had to giggle when I read your post PSFans, because at 37, you would not even think of her getting married. I hope it brings you all much happiness and perhaps a sweet new little one!

LindaMc said...

I think maybe the phrase "totally befuddled" might apply to my brain's initial reaction.