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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Hanging 30" - New LMc Designs/Bits of Floss Freebie (w/update)

For Bronny and others I promised a Halloween Design last year. 
Click on image, then "save as."

Please read Copyright information on the right.

NOTE: After I converted the chart with key to a .jpg, I decided the cat looks better stitched 1 square to the right, as shown in the color picture. Your comments would be greatly appreciated

FRIDAY UPDATE: Never one to leave well-enough alone, this is an almost square version at 58x55 with the hanging 20 guy already shifted 1 square to the right.

Thanks and Enjoy - LindaMc


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

New follower here. Found you via Bronny's Bits. Love your Hallowe'en Witch, so much fun.

Bronny said...

Hi Linda
NOW Google will let me leave a comment!! Thank you so much for thinking of me - I'll post a pic when I've finished. I love what a caring, sharing world this blog-land is.

LindaMc said...

Agree with that sentiment one million times over, Bronny!

You're most welcome, Jo!

Bronny said...

As promised, I've posted a pic on my blog tonight. I tweaked your design slightly - changed a couple of colours - a girl's gotta have purple boardies.... lol
Thank you for sharing your design.