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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Separate Blog, Refocus and/or just remove posts?

This was intended primarily as a cross stitch blog. Lately it's been the way I've been working through my emotions and honoring (I hope) my Mother after her death. I know that's NOT why people visit. So more cross stitch and pictures as I eventually d/l from camera, or okay as is?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. - LindaMc


Silverlotus said...

It is your blog, so you can write what you like. If you need to write about your mom, please do. If you decide later that this isn't the right place, you can always move those entries.

I haven't left comments on posts about your mom because I just don't know what to say. But I have enjoyed reading them.

blueladie said...

I believe that we live well-rounded lives and it isn't always involving cross stitch. I agree with Silverlotus. It's your blog. Say what you want to. God Bless! :) Cathryn

Kiri said...

I feel that blogs are generally more for the writer than the reader. You can't write at your best potential or express your feelings and thoughts at their clearest if you don't have your heart in what you're doing.

Another vote for posting whatever comes to the keyboard when you sit down.

Sandy said...

Write what you feel. I lost my mom in 2001 and it's taken me years to move on and start living again. Please this blog is you, all of you. We'll take the good with the not so good. You're not alone.

Cindy said...

I agree with the above. Stitching has always been a comfort to me and I think its about sharing life.