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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prairie Schooler Releases & Update

The expectations were high for the new PS releases and they didn't fail. There was a flurry of activity when they finally arrived. In fact, I couldn't get to my LNS that day but was there early afternoon the next. They only had one complete set left and owner was already reordering! Spent a lot of time the past week or so doing things on the PSFans Yahoo Group. Uploaded photos for an album for the annual Santas, then Friday spent a LOT of time setting up an album with photos of most of the PS Freebies. We're looking now for photos of stitched designs that were published in other sources.

Tuesday I was asked to assist the Salvation Army take some children to Target to buy school supplies, new shoes and a set of pants/top at Target. I never go to Target. I was assigned a bright 8-year-old and quickly felt the effect of having not shopped for same in at least 25 years! I was so stressed, I went from SA to Walmart to wander around in a familiar environment.

Sent off more resumes. No results.

With all the PS stuff I've done this week, I found myself AT LAST fondling my stash overnight, sorting and dismayed at the number of finishes I've never done anything with, putting thread bobbins back in the boxes. I intended to finish up a couple of things that wouldn't take an hour, but I couldn't decide what PS to stitch next!!

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