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Friday, September 4, 2009

CAL fires for brother / Mixed Bag for me

From Pasadena looking north. Mt. Wilson is just out of photo to right. Station Fire is just getting started. Later flames were seen above the ridge line and the fire moved eastward behind all of these foothills and Mt. Wilson, with the historical observatory and all those critical communication towers.

FINALLY STARTED STITCHING Pansy /5 cents, 1 over 1 on I think 28ct linen, but could be 32. It's tiny. I'm thinking little needle holder or maybe a fob.

I FINALLY had a job interview yesterday. It lasted 2 hours and was actually enjoyable, but whether that translates into a job offer, I have no idea. I have to provide a transcript from 1980 to insure I will even be considered. But I have to ask (and did) HOW is a transcript of courses I took 30+ years ago possibly relevant to what I've learned and experienced since?

Today is Mother's 83rd birthday. Last week Dad turned 85. I am so blessed that I still have BOTH parents around nearby. Mom's health could be a LOT better, but she will hardly eat anything and has become so frail. However, she still gets out to work in the yard. I found out Sunday, following a large family BD party, that she'd fallen twice in the past week, once off the thankfully low back porch. I know my heart skipped a beat when I found that out!

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