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Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm getting a trial prism for one of my lens with hope that it will help vision problems. However, I did this once 30 years ago and I tossed glasses after a week. My eyes are very sensitive to even minimal prescription changes, so I'm pretty sure they won't adjust to this at all!

My sister and I went to a heavily advertised Job Fair last week at new Cowboys Stadium. WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!! The ONLY thing they were telling people was: You'll need to go ONLINE to check on openings and make applications.

The past two Sundays I've spent in Dallas at an ARRL (national amateur radio group) sanctioned/sponsored Em(ergency)Comm(unications) course. EmComm trained volunteers are deployed all over the world to set up emergency communications to augment limited or totally destroyed communications systems using often very expensive but self-owned radio equipment, towers, generators, etc. for hours to days, or more. While one of the presenters travels frequently on the behest of the US Govt and military, most of those taking the course only expect deployment in the local area or state. It was extremely interesting. Since I am the asst EmComm radio volunteer at my city OEM/EOC, and occasionally do that solo, I am trying to learn every thing I can so that I will be far more effective and useful in an emergency situation.

I should probably take often-redone resume to Workforce Commission to see if tweaking it yet again would make ANY difference. Besides the age and over-qualification issues, what would be the most useful is availability of actual JOBS someone with my background and education would even be considered for. I've seriously thought about out and out lying about what I've been doing for the past 30 years. Seem no one wants an employee with a post-grad decree, more particularly a JD, hanging round. The majority of available jobs require only a high school diploma or GED and a couple of years experience in that particular type job. It's been very discouraging, and I really wonder why I ever worked so hard to get through both college and law school as a single parent working 20 - 25 hours a week. It took everything I had in me to do it. Now I only wonder why I ever bothered. If it paid enough, had health insurance coverage, and there was an opening, I'd be perfectly happy working at my LNS!!

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