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Monday, June 8, 2009

Freebie: Patriotic

When using the smaller of the two rockets, this is a quick stitch and fun project for party decorations or favors. The larger pattern makes a larger rocket. Rather than stitching all that white, choose a white fabric and only stitch the blue and red. Example is stitched on 14ct white Aida. Stitch a front and back on same piece of fabric leaving 3/4" between them. When complete face the front sides together and stitch a seam so that the space between the front and back will be 3/4". Take a tuck on either side of the nose of the rocket so that it ends in a blunt point. Turn inside out, then stuff with bits of fiberfill. Stick 3/8" wooden dowel up through fiber fill to nose of rocket. Fold under the raw bottom edge 1/2 to 3/4 inch then tie 1/4" ribbon around the bottom for streamers. CAUTION: USE EXTRA CAUTION AROUND SMALL CHILDREN who could fall and injure themselves on or with the dowel. I'm afraid my example was sort of beat up a bit by the time I thought to take a photo. I thought these would make nice pot stickers! In the past another stitcher or group or stitchers used this chart to make bookmarks for St. Jude's. Download subject to copyright information on the right. Stitch and enjoy. If you make a rocket, I'd love to see how and where you display it!

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Sandy said...

Cool! Looks like the rockets red glare. :o)

Thank you!