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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Brother Jim duets with James Galway!

My Dad has recently started a private webalbum on and has been uploading a mere fraction of his photos and slides taken over a life-time. I ran across this photo a bit ago that I didn't know had been taken. My brother Jim is a professional musician/composer/arranger/conductor/producer, etc. One of his regular gigs is in the orchestra at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. He's also been their Asst/Guest conductor for several years. About 9 years ago the Cathedral's special guest was James Galway, there to play an unusual duet with a trombone. However, the person who normally played it with him (I think it was his wife) was under the weather, So Jim got the unexpected and thrillling opportunity to fill-in at literally the last minute and ended up sight-reading music he'd barely had time to quickly scan and had never heard before while standing next to the best-known flautist in the world! Jim's a consummate pro and unless you knew he was sight-reading you'd never be able to tell. It sounded wonderful! Galway turned and mouthed GOOD JOB! Because the services are taped a week in advance I was able to video tape it. Jim later asked if I had, and I ended up sending him the tape I would have loved to have kept! Occasionally the TV ministry "Hour of Power" still uses it as background music for various purposes, and I aways smile when I hear it. On Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings the current services air here, so when I catch them and spot my brother I always say aloud - "Theeerrre's Jiminy!" Always good to see a brother who lives so far away!


Karen said...

thats too cool. when i was a kid and started out playing the flute my mom bought me one of his records (didn't work for me as a pre-teen but i sure new the name).

LindaMc said...

The whole family was ... well ... stunned by this unprecedented opportunity for him. Wow!! Jim didn't even have time to get nervous. I wish I could find the recording somewhere, but haven't been able to. It was melodic, slow and soothing and being flute and trombone is unmistakable.