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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moved my Blog - Finally

I've intended to move my Yahoo360 Bits of Floss blog pretty much from day 2, but instead I've spent years trying to figure out where. I really wish Blogger had Wordpress' static page option. Otherwise, either are FAR preferable to the limited, molasses slow and incredibly cumbersome Yahoo 360. Then there was the question of which template to choose. I've been all over the web and finally found a couple that might be okay, but they wouldn't download. Oh drat! So here I am back with a basic Blogger template that I've enhanced with a photo of my pansies, which I played around with to form the banner. For now the background is this nice soft spring yellow. I was going to brighten it up with colorful text, but have decided that the color should come from the photos I will add. So WELCOME to my new blog on the web. I'll be adding gadgets and other things from time to time, and hopefully some photos of recent finishes, so come back soon! UPDATE: I've discovered due to the "stretch" template's ability to stretch to fit the monitor size, after hours of fine-tuning my banner that it only works right with with a 1024 x 768 monitor setting. Changing to the non-stretch template would cause me to loose all my font and color settings. Blog & learn.

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