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Monday, April 13, 2009

Modifying a design

I frequently play around with floss types and/or colors, and occasionally with the bits and pieces of a design to meet my need or eye. The insert is the original Prairie Schooler design from their Designer Series book, "Forget-Me-Nots" (still available), which I modified only slightly (though it appears a lot different) and stitched for Mylene in a 2007 exchange. I wanted something more light and airy with pastel/spring colors. The design remains copyright The Prairie Schooler.

  1. Change some of the colors - DMC, Crescent Colors, maybe a GAST

  2. Change text to a similar-looking back-stitch that I made up

  3. Divide the text so part was above and part below the main motif

  4. Remove dark bottom panel

  5. Copy and flip the top half of the borders

  6. Center text & center motif inside

  7. Add a stitch to each side of the horizontal lines at top and bottom to accomodate the backstitch text and position

  8. Add an extra light green stitch to the center-pointing leaves at top

  9. Add an extra light green stitch to the leaves on the sides to match

  10. Then adjust the single side stitches by two stitches toward the center of the side

Remarkably, it ended up the same height as the original. Sometimes things just work out.

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