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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

! ! ! HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !

My best wishes for your good health
and much happiness in the coming year. 
And may all your stitchy dreams come true /

Kind Regards from LindaMc at Bits of Floss

* * * * * * * *

Aha! I met my final stitching goal for 2012. At last I took up needle, eventually found the right threads and FINALLY finished my 3-PSSanta piece just before midnight!  I've got several other WIP's to complete in 2013 and more things I REALLY  would LIKE to stitch than I will ever get to. Don't we all??? And I have yet to design and stitch the Wedding Sampler I've intended for my daughter and her husband, who recently celebrated their THIRD anniversary. Oy vey! I need encouragement to finally tackle that one. Perhaps what I have had in mind since that day is more complicated than it really needs to be. 

Happy Stitching for all in 2013 as well!


missy said...

Wishing you a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

Mylene said...

Happy New Year & best wishes for 2013!