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Sunday, July 15, 2012

WIPs as of July 15th

See previous post for background info on my Sunflowers project. The stitches on the far right were those made by Mother before she passed away. I stupidly trimmed the fabric way too close. I wish I could have centered the design so that these would be with the center flower. Not sure what I'll do to accomplish  that, but they WILL be on the finished piece. There are only a few stitches here and there to complete it, but  I've been thinking I may instead just leave it as it is now, not quite completed. Just like my Mother's life.

When I set Sunflowers aside, I started up Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Aging Artfully. I'd bought the kit some time ago but couldn't decide what fabric to use.  This is Wedgewood blue, and I like it. With full crosses only it could go pretty fast if I didn't have to complete each stitch one at a time because of the overdyed threads. Until last night, I hadn't stitched on this since early June.

I hastily grabbed the "Bless This Nest" kit at Walmart to take with me to San Antonio in mid-June, but ended up taking ABC's instead - though I never took it out of the suitcase. I began stitching this end of June. Why I'm spending time even working on it I'm not sure as I not sure I'll ever finish it. I had a horrible time trying to sort some of the greens and I still have 3 strands of some green leftover that may or may not even go with the kit. I knew when I started should substitute an evenweave for the 14ct Aida because it is chock full of 1/2 and 1/4 stitches. Yet I didn't. Not sure why. Last night I FINALLY got around to setting it aside to finish ABC's of Aging instead - a much better use of my stitching time.

There is simply not enough space on Blogspot to accommodate ALL the WIP's I've got in my stash, some going back almost 3 decades. Some I lost interest. Some the reason for stitching long since disappeared or was outright rebuffed, and even if completed would have no home to go to. 

Nonetheless, I've had Prairie Schooler's Birds and Berries kitted up since last fall to work on, but haven't yet, I have a LONG overdue wedding sampler to design and stitch for my DD and SIL, who will celebrate their THIRD anniversary in a couple of months, and because they are BIG Halloween people, I recently bought Whooo's There to stitch for them as well.  It would help if my eyesight were a LOT better and I wasn't the slowest stitcher in the entire world!!


Vickie said...

Well Linda, that would drive me mental, having so many things going on and on and on. Good idea with the Sunflowers project. It looks great.

rosek1870 said...

I know what you mean about lots of old WIPs. I have a lot too and many I have lost interest or no longer have anyone to give them to.I figure I will just move on creating WIPs that I at least like LOL.I love the sunflower. You are so lucky to have a piece your mother started. My mom loved when I would make her something but thought I was crazy, crafting and needlework was not her thing. Think I will have to get that Lizzie Kate "Aging" every time I see it I love it. Good Luck and looking forward to your next post.

Mylene said...

What beautiful designs you are working on Linda. I so love the LK design. Goodluck!

stitchinrose said...

Stitching slump or just not enough hours in the day? Glad you are back stitching. I have found some people are not how shall I put it, appreciative I guess would be the word, for my cross stitch gifts, they don't have a clue of the skill or time involved I guess. As far for projects that you have finished or need to finish that don't have a home to go to, check out fundraising efforts, several of local churches have a craft sale a year and the local "Cause for Paws" (a spay and neuter program) takes donations for their annual silent auction. Enjoy your site as always. (PS hated kits where you can't tell one thread color from another and no... it isn't my old eyes :o} it is them, trying to make me crazy they are) :o}