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Saturday, July 21, 2012

DFW Stitchers July 21st GTG

Just a few members of the diverse, international group of stitchers who frequent the 123Stitch Message Board. The GTG was hosted by Mary Ellen, who until last week I had no idea only lives 2 blocks from me. The GTG was to meet and greet Martha (turquoise T on right) from Galway, Ireland, vacationing in Florida who DROVE from Orlando to visit her. Other stitchers L to R: Jenetta, Leslie (who drove up this morning from San Antonio, Lynn's husband, Lynn, Bonnie, Me (up front on right), Mary Ellen, Martha and Melissa. After meeting at Mary Ellen's house, we went to Stitch Niche. While they shopped for fabric or fibers or charts, I was looking at frame samples for my ABC's of Aging Artfully. I was ONLY looking (you know where this is headed already, I'm sure), but maybe if I just got the frame I could do everything else myself. Needless to say, with their current 25% discount on framing and even though Doug offered to put the "sticks" together for me (which they usually charge for) ...  I haven't had anyone else frame anything for me since 1990. I recall that vividly because it was  a finished piece  with 9 different hearts that I was working on as a gift for Mom as I sat and watched TV when suddenly it was the first night of the Gulf War and CNN was televising live from Baghdad as bombs burst all around the American Hotel. Here 22 years later I can't look at the framed piece hanging on Dad's living room wall without thinking about it how surreal and disturbing it was at the time, stitching hearts while bombs dropped on strategic targets (and "collateral" civilians). Anyway, I haven't had anything framed since then.  (Here it comes, as you knew it would): Until now - that is when I get the piece finished. I know how meticulous they are with stretching the piece, something I could probably do but no where near as nicely. And, knowing me all too well, even if I had a frame specifically cut to order, the task of  actually mounting, stretching, etc. would probably take me another decade before I actually got to it. But I, who am usually so frugal that my brother frequently comments can squeeze the ### out of a buffalo nickel, can justify the whole schmooze since I opted for a frame that cost about 40% less per linear foot than the one I'd originally picked out (which actually looks just as nice or even better). So of course that reduced the total price by a full 1/3, plus the discount ..... Nonetheless, it is a splurge. I guess after 22 years I deserve one. :D  Above photo taken with Lynn's IPad and used with her permission.

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