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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


What's more, in attempting to extract whatever data he could from "dead" hard drive on previous computer to save to NEW computer hard drive, my friend, GERRY (who helped me out last computer crash as well), discovered what was REALLY wrong with the old hard drive and fixed it. So as of 10pm last night, I have TWO working computers! No more trips to Library to use computer! HOORAY, HOORAH!!! But what do I do with two computers? Hmmmm. My next technical expenditures will be for newer monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. This was the first without my Mom. My DD made dinner for my Dad, brother (in town for 4 days), and sister. Very nice and I was very appreciative. Dad says he came out of his computer room one evening last week and Mother was standing beside the table and looked up him, then disappeared. I asked what he said to her, but he was too shocked to say anything. When I asked if she was her young self or as she was in her middle years all he would say was that she looked wonderful.

The Office of Emergency Management has asked if I would like to attend a conference for volunteers and volunteer agency personnel in San Antonio in June. I said yes. They will cover mileage or flight plus hotel. It's a 275 mile trip each direction and I am NOT fond of driving distances by myself.  OTOH, the mileage expense will be enough to cover meals as well, while flying will not. Because of the need to show up early to airports, it's likely to take longer to get from home to airport to hotel than simply driving - assuming no road issues, that is. Not sure which I will do yet. I haven't been anywhere since 2008, and leaving cats at home for 2 nights shouldn't traumatize them too much. Wonder if they'd spring for a cruise instead? :D


Vickie said...

Wow about your Dad seeing you mom! I would not want to drive that much. :)

Rita said...

I'm glad your computer issues are solved...and that you now have a spare when needed. (Of course everything you want will be on the one you can't use in those instances.)

Interesting about your Dad seeing your Mom. It sounds like whatever it was, it comforted him and I'm glad of that.

I hope your trip to SA goes well. I love going there but usually am with the band and have no time to go out exploring...or LNS visiting.

Silverlotus said...

Yay for working computers! I'm so glad everything is up and running again.

And a trip to San Antonio sounds lovely. I'd probably pick driving since I hate fly (and I really hate airport security).