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Thursday, May 31, 2012

ABC's of Aging Artfully

Lizzie Kate isn't my designer of choice, but I feel too close a kinship with this so ordered it a while back. Since I wasn't aware it was a kit (chart and floss) and it cost a LOT more than expected, I put off buying fabric until Monday, taking advantage of a 20% off everything sale at Stitch Niche.  After considering the neutrals, on a crazy whim I chose 32ct Wedgewood Lugana. Hoping that works! If not then I'm probably buying inexpensive natural linen at Hobby Lobby or Joanns or get practical and look through all my stash at home. Which I should have done first, of course.  Only AFTER I got home did I remember I already HAVE the same fat quarter of Wedgewood Lugana. Now I'm trying to find the LK chart pack that I'd looked at just a couple of days earlier and, of course, had set aside in a spot so I'd know exactly where it was. Meaning I may never see it ever again. I'll thinking about taking take this project with me to the conference in San Antonio.

I've decided to drive so I'll have transportation, though the 4-1/2 hours or so drive is NOT something I'm looking forward to. Re accommodations: First I was told the Hyatt Regency River Walk, where the conference will be, was booked and I would be staying in a hotel some blocks away. Nooo. That won't work for several reasons. Then I was told they were going to book me in at the Marriott Towne Place facility right next door. OKAY! Nicer rooms, free breakfasts, kitchenette, etc. Yeah! Today I got a call from Matt at the EOC to confirm my registration and to let me know I'd been booked at the Hyatt. Hmmm. The conference info indicates that first night was booked solid 2 weeks ago. Guess we'll see, huh? 

Monday I finally ordered new glasses from the prescription I got on 12/30/11, delayed because of necessary follow-up Specialist appointments. I've picked Sophia Loren rose metal frames with an opening large enough to accommodate my trifocals. To be honest, I have no idea exactly what they look like other than they were okay, similar to frames I had a few years ago, and I didn't feel like trying on multiple others when I can't really see what they look like on me without my glasses on to start with.

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Vickie said...

Oh I know all about the challenge of finding the glasses that are just right. Just did that. I hope this trip goes smoothly for you.:)