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Friday, February 10, 2012

Shipping GS Cookies to Troops, New Stitching Project, etc.  A wonderful volunteer organization my sister actively participates with. If for no other reason, you might read about their endeavors and the appreciation they receive in return.

I've been under the weather for some time. After 2 rounds of antibiotics, I've got a specialist appt next week. And in testing for this one, something else showed up. Unless told otherwise, I'm putting that one off for now..

Stitching: I just picked up the ABC's of Aging by LK from my LNS. Anyone stitched this already?  I didn't realize it was a "kit" so a LOT more expensive than I expected since I thought it was just the chart. But at least it'll have fabric with it, right?. WRONG. Instead Weeks and CC threads and some DMC I have no need or want of.  Since I ordered it without asking enough questions up front, I felt obligated to plunk down $34 (including tax) for it. Most I've ever spent for any needlecraft project. And I STILL have to decide what I have around here to stitch it on as fabric was going to be another $15. Good grief! I finally started stitching a Columbine bookmark I received quite a while back as a PIF. I'll PIF, well worn chart and some of the DMC theads, as soon as the stitching is complete. I'll post that separately later for those interested. I'm stitching on 28ct natural linen banding as all I received was the chart and some threads as well. It's lovely, but I don't look forward to all that backstitching, 

Sad family news: My just-older first cousin passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. His funeral is scheduled on Monday in Oklahoma, a 5-hour drive. Some of the Texas family may go, and I should, but predicted wintry weather may preclude anyone from here from attending. Though very ill, he insisted on coming to Mother's visitation and funeral last June. He should never have made the trip and could not make the funeral after all. He's the first one of my generation to pass - a very sobering and sombering reality. His sister has been battling breast cancer at the same time. She is not well either. RIP, cousin Bill. Prayers and good thoughts for their family are much appreciated.

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