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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Interesting Links to Photos of Different types of Biscornus / Bicorni?

Posts on 123MB often send me off in new directions. Here's a few links to photos of different types of biscornu and tutorials. This post will be copied and posted to the OTHER LINKS page. Though I designed one, I admit still haven't stitched one myself.


Google for additional photos, charts and tutorials.


Mylene said...


Mylene said...

Hi Linda, leave a message just a few minutes but it didn't appear so that is why the test...
Thanks so much for sharing the links, it sure inspire me to hunt my stitching things...seems like i don't know where to start how to make a biscornu!

LindaMc said...

I sometimes have problems leaving comments, too. I know if YOU make a biscornu it will be beautiful and perfect. I keep thinking I'll try one - someday.