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Monday, June 13, 2011

Marjolein Bastin Freebie - Garden Sampler

BH&G Australia first released this freebie in 2001. Warning: the printed quality of the charts and the keys is not that good. They've since turned the key into a fairly readable .jpg. In the past I've recharted portions of this for easier stitching (never done), and turned the Key into a Word.doc. The outside border is DMC variegated 114 green, which may or may not still be available. I'll be honest, I don't know who stitched the one on the right but would be delighted to give due credit or remove. Not only was the border left off but instead of 666, the stitcher used a neutral or maybe light green overdye for the lattice work at the bottom - which I much prefer!  Stitched design area: 9.8" x 12.2"  or 25cm x 31cm    Marjolein Bastin's Garden Sampler


Pauline said...

LoL Linda, I've got this freebie too from 2001(thats about how far back I go), and obviously I haven't stitched it as I didn't know about the errors- thanks for the info!

Jan said...

Thanks for posting. I have nearly finished stitching another MB English garden sampler so am delighted to find another MB design!