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Monday, June 13, 2011

Marjolein Bastin Freebie - Garden Sampler

BH&G Australia first released this freebie in 2001. Warning: the printed quality of the charts and the keys is not that good. They've since turned the key into a fairly readable .jpg. In the past I've recharted portions of this for easier stitching (never done), and turned the Key into a Word.doc. The outside border is DMC variegated 114 green, which may or may not still be available. I'll be honest, I don't know who stitched the one on the right but would be delighted to give due credit or remove. Not only was the border left off but instead of 666, the stitcher used a neutral or maybe light green overdye for the lattice work at the bottom - which I much prefer!  Stitched design area: 9.8" x 12.2"  or 25cm x 31cm    Marjolein Bastin's Garden Sampler


Pauline said...

LoL Linda, I've got this freebie too from 2001(thats about how far back I go), and obviously I haven't stitched it as I didn't know about the errors- thanks for the info!

Jan said...

Thanks for posting. I have nearly finished stitching another MB English garden sampler so am delighted to find another MB design!

Anonymous said...

Just printed this pattern, bought the floss, evenweave, and am ready to go. I started with the tree, and am beginning to understand the difficulty with reading the color symbols. You say "they've recently turned the chart and key into a fairly readable jpeg." Who is "they",
and can the improved pattern be found anywhere on the internet? I absolutely love this sampler, and even if I can't get a better pattern, I'll keep on with what I've printed. Thanks for any help you can suggest!

LindaMc said...

Hi Anonymous. In answer to your questions:

"They" would be BH&G AU. Back when this was first published (The date indicates 2006, but I'm pretty sure it was originally published a few years earlier and that the updated online version was in 2006). Originally the chart was a .jpg, and the key was embedded in the text in relatively small type (which one had to copy/paste). Neither printed well if one tried to increase the print size in order to see or print it - very poor quality and very frustrating. The updated .pdf is scalable and of slightly better quality, but I've not tried to print the charts at a bigger resolution. At least the key is much bigger and easier to read on the later version. It's still a copy/paste, which I find weird.

This design was a BH&G AU exclusive and they apparently own the copyright. To my knowledge it was never released as a separate chart.

FYI: DMC quit distributing the variegated 114 green MANY years ago. I tracked down a skein and didn't really care for the hue. In any event, it's a large chart and to reduce the size (and stitching time and boredom), I personally wouldn't stitch the border, and probably not the cross-hatching in the lower designs either. I've never stitched any of it, but once planned to stitch 2 or 3 of the individual vignettes. I like the radishes and cherries but have never gotten around to it. I have, however, stitched several of the other MB designs - my favorite being the Four Seasons. Some century I MAY eventually get one or more framed. :{

I'd love to see how your stitching is going, so you might email me a photo or at least boast about your progress. I know you'll enjoy this! Looking forward to seeing your progress. If you have a blog. I'd love to visit it. Regards, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda - Thanks for your response! I'm just carrying on as best I can, given the difficulties with the chart.
I'm working on 28 count evenweave with two strands of floss over two threads instead of the 32 count/1 strand called for in the pattern. Figured I'd go blind doing it their way!
I love borders, so I'm sure I'll do it, despite the unavailable 114. There are only two colors used in the border, so I'll probably replace the variegated floss with 1 strand each of two of the medium to light greens I have for the project, and then a darker green for the star symbol shown on the chart.
The central tree is apparently a fruit tree, charted with an apricot colored fruit. I'm using my artistic license to make mine an apple tree!
I love the subtle shading that comes from working with several closely hued flosses, but oh! the back of my work is an amazing thread-web! I've given up trying to keep it tidy. My sister always says that the back of my work looks as good as the front. I'm not going to let her see the back of this!! Anonymous - Joan