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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

EMS Freebie - Finally, I've Started Stitching

This EMS "Christmas Greetings" freebie was released in 2001. I've intended to stitch it ever since. FINALLY ten years later ... There a bit more of the ribbon on the bottom and red berries, plus some fill in on the white flowers to complete. Over 2 on the 28ct opalescent white Jobelan . Link to the EMS Forum. This particular freebie is no longer available. Join the Forum to post and/or gain access to the freebie Downloads, which have a per day or per week limit. You need to visit the forum at least once every 6 months to avoid having your membership dropped. I've been following Ellen Maurer-Stroh and a member of her forums since the 1990's, and one of the first couple of hundred members on her then new and much upgraded forum website.


Pauline said...

Hey Linda, I've got a truck load of freebies that I've every intention of stitching, from 2001 onwards when I first got on the net. Your dedication to actually stitch yours simply inspires me!

Mylene said...

A very good start on the freebie. Think i've stitch this one years ago, it is a lovely one!