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Friday, May 13, 2011

My First Over One

Stitched a few years ago with GAST on 28ct white Monaco. No, still not "finished." I can't recall the designer. Anyone? Since I had the necessary floss still handily stored separately in a Ziploc bag, I started on the 1991 PS Santa (with fruit basket & pineapple) instead of the EMS berryball. How many times have I set that aside now?

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Mylene said...

A cute design, sorry though i can't help who the designer is.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my last post. I love flowers and Tulips are my favorite. Visited the link you enclose and it sure looks amazing...who knows one day.
Ifever you want to come and here the Tulips period starts end of March till end of April though sometimes it depends on the weather. Because it had warm up soon for Spring and been summer days it ends around April this year but looking back to my pictures last year it was nearly end of May when i have gorgeous pictures of the fields around the island.
Thanks for the mother's day greeting, celebrated it with MIL & 2 SIL's. Hope you's went well too.