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Friday, March 12, 2010

A small Hurrah!

I FINALLY located my scant back-up disks - from May, 2004. I know I tried to make another a year or so later, but ran into so many problems with Dell's Roxio disk maker I never bothered again. HOWEVER, I did recover some old professional and client files, some older family photos - which I am VERY relieved to have back, and a few of my oldest cross stitch charts. I am not happy that my Calendar data files were completely missing. And the BU disk that I know I tried a year or so later is totally blank.

Still on 28.8k dial-up here. My kindly older neighbor had spent an afternoon d/l drivers from Dell to try to help solve the modem issue. Because I was busy trying to get other stuff to work, reconstruct (as in re-type starting over from scratch) missing professional and client Word docs, and resigned to snail's pace dial-up, I waited about a week before I was ready. I set aside 1/2 a day and loaded the CD. It was totally blank.: { I hadn't the heart to tell Mr Cantu, so waited most of another week before I called to find out if perhaps he brought me the wrong disk. His wife answered. She was in the waiting room at the Hospital - he was in emergency surgery  I expressed my deep concern, but nothing else.I did buy some flowers after I understood he was to be at home, but I don't think he's home yet and flowers are waiting to be hand-delivered.

Almost all my time is spent trying to reconstruct financial information I lost when Quicken totally failed to read the back-up disks that I so rigorously kept current. I did use Pattern Maker to rechart a couple of my small LMc Design charts that I found a print-out of . My only solace in this awful experience is that I've developed a very deep appreciation for a generous neighbor and that I have SOME records after all. Only, now that I see what I did and accomplished up to 2004, I can't figure out what I've done for the past 6 years - which feel like they have simply vanished with little if anything to show for the passing days. It's very disconcerting. and depressing.


Silverlotus said...

It is nice to hear that you found some back-ups. Rebuilding a digital life can be very, very hard.

I know that I'm starting to do regular back-ups now because you shared your disaster with us all. Thank you.

LindaMc said...

Good to know that a positive outcome of this experience is that at least one other person will avoid a similar travail in their own future. Thanks for sharing that!