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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Freebie

Size: 66w x 32h
  • 14/28 ct - 4-5/8 x 2-1/4 in
  • 16/32 ct - 4 x 2 in
  • 18/36 ct - 3-1/2 x 1-3/4 in
Stitching suggestions:
  • Want a tiny bit quicker stitch? Try the variation below. Actually, I think I like the variation better! Click here for alternate chart.
  • Lay your threads out on different fabrics before you decide which to stitch on and choose the most pleasing to your own eye
  • Stitch with a single overdye or silk
A freebie to say thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Thanksgiving fellow stitchers!!

1 comment:

PaulineD said...

Linda, thank you for this lovely freebie, your generosity is amazing!