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Monday, November 23, 2009

After spending part of Saturday assisting at the newest class for our Citizens Emergency Response Team, including an outdoor disaster exercise (I declined to be moulaged - made up to look injured) which was cut short when a trainee had a real emergency and was taken by ambulance (eventually) to hospital, I stopped by Stitch Niche (my local LNS) to give Kathy a copy of the Be Grateful freebie (scroll down). I stitched the less hectic variation while watching Christmas movies Saturday night on 14ct Fiddler's light using a single DMC Color Variations thread - 4090 (left), I  think. I don't keep up with those numbers. Took longer than it should because I started with 3 strands, then dropped back to 2, then frogged and went back to 3. Haven't stitched with 3 strands in a long time. It also would have been quicker except I realized about 1/2 way through "Be Grateful"  I was off 1 stitch starting the B so  had to frog and start over. Good grief! Looks okay, but would be better in darker shades - maybe GAST Autumn Leaves? (right) Don't know what I'll do with it. Sure wish my camera was working!!

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