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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Freebie: Father's Day

My Dad doesn't hunt, fish, golf, drink, watches but isn't into sports, etc. so unless it's mushy, most Father's Day cards just aren't appropriate. He does play Scrabble. So I designed this quick stitch, then made into a card by lightly gluing on to 1/2 sheet of 80lb white card stock, folded in half to make a card. Color options are indicated on the chart, but you can choose your own. I think I stitched it on 16ct Fiddler's Light, then fringed the edges to within 3 squares of the design. My Dad has a refined sense of humor, which is the reason for the HA. : ) I see I left off the happy face symbol beneath it. I made up the alphabet script on the fly to fit the space available. I designed and stitched this in 2004 and the displayed-ever-since card is doing just fine. The card stock may or may not be acid free. I'm thinking I used acid-free stick glue, however. My personal opinion is that by the time anything might start to degrade, I won't be around and no one is going to want anything I've glued with or to it anyway, so generally don't worry about things like that. Download of the design is subject to the copyright information on your right. If you do stitch it, I would appreciate a comment and possibly a photo to post! Perhaps with you and YOUR Dad. Thanks.

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Mylene said...

You have created a wonderful gift for your Dad! Well done!!