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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Intents

I had intended to spend today either 1) cleaning or 2) stitching. Ok, forget #1. I just threw that in there to sound domestic - the last thing I really am. However, I could NOT stay awake, then I woke to the sound of thunder when there was NOTHING anywhere close only 90 minutes earlier. I'd slept through the most severe of the series of storms. As I volunteer with the Office of Emergency Management, I woke up enough to to get down there about the time the next set of storms hit, and spent the rest of the day listening to and logging in real time the storm-spotter reports - well except for that hour when it certainly looked like everything was over -and I drove to daughter's house in another nearby city. I'd only been there 15 minutes when we were recalled as yet a third set of storms popped up just west of here. I didn't get home until after 10. My daughter's flight to Las Vegas was eventually cancelled, but not until after I'd told her it was unlikely they'd get away tonight, and she'd already rebooked flight for a later date and was waiting on a taxi to just come home. CROSS STITCH ALERT: I still haven't gotten my camera fixed, so here's the booklet that I've recently been stitching from. I've stitched the bottom left and top right 1 over 2 on 32ct light linen. Perfect, it's 3am and thundering again. UPDATE: Severe thunderstorm warning #4, 3rd trip to the OEM, home by 4:15.


Mylene said...

That's a beautiful design you are working. Stay safe.

LindaMc said...

Wow, Mylene, that was a quick response! Can't wait to get a picture of it. Thanks for reading my blog, and thank you for your words re my mom. Today she was feeling a bit better but now Dad has a bad cold.