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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Remember WebRing?

Can't believe that my old LMcDesigns WebRing site, created in December 2003, hasn't disappeared. Doubt all the links still work, but the fact that it's still accessible 13 years later is surprising. I probably moved most of the designs over here, but if you're interested in exploring something created more than a decade ago 

Even created my own buttons. :D It was a labor of love. I also created and ran three sites on Yahoo's old - sorry can't even remember the name but despite being a PITA, I had a family site, a business site, and a cross stitch site. Loved playing around within the limits of the design features and tweaking them into something really nice. As for my Attorney site, it predated most of the attorney websites by a few years. Ah, once upon a time I was still creative and had fun setting these up. Now I can't even remember the names of the online programs. :-{
  x x x x x
Seems my presence in cyber space is going to survive long past me. My MDS has been upgraded or staged one step higher at MLD, meaning that not only are my red blood cells affected, so are my platelets. There are only 3 standard drugs or combination of them which might slow down the progression but won't stop it. Only a successful bone marrow transplant will, and I am not eligible.. But I would ask that if you are so inclined, PLEASE sign up to donate bone marrow or stem cells for those with MDS or other blood diseases who are eligible. Matches are hard to find and the more people willing to donate increase the chances for others with MDS to find someone who will. You can read about stem cell and bone marrow donations at BE THE MATCH.  Thank you on behalf of the hundreds or thousands of MDS patients who have no other potential cure.


Faith... said...

You know what they say...Once it is on the internet it loves forever! LOL I guess this is a perfect example.

Sorry to hear that your MDS has progressed. I will definitely say a prayers for you and keep you in my thoughts. And thank you for encouraging others to do their part! Without everyone's help things will never get better.

Faith... said...

Should have said it lasts forever, not it loves forever! Must have had love on the brain!

LindaMc said...

Thank you for your prayers, Faith. And yes, once something goes into cyberspace it will stay there until something collapses it all, or the original servers implode. :D For a LOT of sites one can only hope that they do.