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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Still recovering from Cataract surgery

Very complicated. Lengthy recovery time. After 2 months first eye still not stable. Had to have second eye  done anyway because of high pressure that required immediate removal of cataract. High sensitivity to preservatives in eye drops (14 a day for 8 days  then down to 9  for the rest of the month  then only five for the rest of my life or until somebody changes their mind. I'm tired of eyedrops which sting my eyes and cause one or both of them to tear for hours on end.) which creates yet another problem affecting my vision. I'm bored. I'm stressed out. I can't read. I can barely focus on anything on television. I hope my number 2 eye heas faster than number 1 otherwise I'll be sitting here for another 2 months doing little if anything. I knew it was going to be complicated and recovery will take longer than normal. I  just had no idea just how complicated and how long this is going to take. Thank goodness for DVDs that I've seen so often I don't really have to focus to know what's going on. Hope everyone else is working on Halloween and Christmas  presents and ornies. Check the freebee list. Sorry it's become so out of date.

Update:  Only 3 more days of post-op drops. Vision in first eye has degraded. Don't know what that means in the long run. Eyes have gone from tearing constantly to producing so few, if any, that I'm having to use artificial tears several times a day - and night.  Driving is even more problematic, especially at night. As soon as I'm 60 days post op, I'm getting other opinions. Seems other doctor's wont see you before then at the earliest or until after you've been released.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon,
I had the same operation a few years ago but it sounds like your was worst,
Thinking of you love Christine in Italy xx