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Friday, March 6, 2015

Cat freebie, Update and some DFW winter pics

Tom Pudding Designs - A House is Not a Home without a Cat

Update: I removed the posts about my fall and black eye. Some remnants of black eye and small bump remain. I've been really skittish about falling again, so with all the wintry weather the past 10 days, I'm staying home and in general being extremely careful when I'm up and about! I was really thankful when I was told to "Linda, stay home," when I was literally ready to walk out the front door on the 28th to help with the Cowtown Marathon. Instead I sat at the computer from about 6am to 2:30pm logging (taking notes) on the amateur radio traffic. Except for the Half Marathon that they ran a day late, the rest of the 2-day event was cancelled. After all the runners left the corrals, it got pretty boring. Should have used the time to stitch between radio transmissions!

Our recent weather: For those under several FEET of snow, please don't laugh derisively. I truly don't know how you handle it. We normally get only an inch maybe 2 all winter, if any.

February 27th - up the street
February 27th -  My driveway - 2 inches of snow topped with 1/4 inch of ice
March 5th - Looking across the street - 1/4" sleet topped with 2.8" of lovely snow.
March 5th - Straight out the back door. Those are houses on the higher ground across the creek.

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