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Monday, December 2, 2013

New and Older Christmas Freebies

Stitchers Village - Click on the tree in the square, then on various items in the room for information and the freebies:  moon, tree pillow, Santa pillow, snowman stocking, 2 of the pictures above the fireplace. Apparently more freebies to be added.

Midsummers Night Musings - some older Christmas and other freebies on this blog

Craftfoxes - Cross stitch Christmas cards or ornies - funky 50's colors for 2 charts and a reindeer as a third. Step 1 is the "key."  DMC is the first of each group of 3 numbers listed (with no commas in between). It's very awkward. Not sure which chart the Light Effects are to be stitched on. You'll need to copy/paste. There is no symbol key. VERY awkward. Steps 2-4 are the individual charts. Click on Zoom, where you'll then be able to save the colored chart. Also maybe print it. I didn't try. If  you click on the link just before Step 1 you'll link to the site where you can get a preview of the book they were taken from. To get a better view enlarge the pages using the little doohickey that pops up and in combination with Control + on your keyboard if necessary. If you don't have Light Effects, prefer not to spend $$ to use them once or don't like working with them, substitute.

Just saw a preview of a new Sue Hillis release (next week maybe). No title as yet, but it says "Believe" which is surrounded by numerous little Christmas Stockings. Cute. For the next couple of days you can see a photo in her post on the Message Board. Sue has 4 nice freebies on her site. Look for "Freebies" in the left column but please do take the time to look at her many themes and dozens of wonderful designs. To make them that much better, each will fit into a standard-sized frame!

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Kate said...

Thank you, Linda. The Stitchers Village was fun.