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Monday, October 28, 2013

Itty Bitty Back Stitch Alphabets/Numbers Freebies

Although I haven't been able to edit my old Webring site for years, I find that the contents are still accessible. Here are some 2 and 3 backstitch high alphabets/numbers I created a long time ago - very useful for adding name and date to small cross stitch / needlework projects.  These are .jpgs so do a copy/paste.

The LMc Designs Webring Site can be found at If Webring rolls you over to their Home Page, reload and hit Stop or X on your browser Tool Bar, which kept them from doing that to me a few minutes ago. Come to think of it, actually the pages were originally created and posted to Yahoo's old, free up to a point, webpage site using it's affiliated online webpage editor. It was shut down years ago. Have to admit I've forgotten the name but many of you may have also have created a website using that program.  I also had a WebRing page where I linked in the Yahoo webpages.  I'm really surprised they are still accessible!

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