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Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Prairie Schooler Freebie Finish

July 2013 Freebie - Used a lighter orange since the charted DMC was the same color as fabric added a bit to the windows, and that's supposed to be a free-stitch "bat" hanging from the roof on the right. Wish the true colors would post. For my DD.

After 30 minutes I managed to scan and finally find this one .jpg. When I tried to scan the progress on my grape wreath project the program and my computer froze - AGAIN!!  At least this time I didn't have do to a hard shut down to get the frozen scan program to FINALLY end! But after 5 minutes I was just about to.


Laura said...

That turned out really cute! I love the color you chose - it looks really good! How will you finish it? Sorry to hear about your scanner freezing up your computer. Hope it works itself out soon!

LindaMc said...

It's stitched on 14-ct Aida, making is right at 2-3/4" square. It'll be an ornament of some sort that she can store with ALL her other Halloween paraphernalia. In the past they've fully decorated the yard as well. Thanks for the well wishes on the scanner problems. I am apparently a jinx when it comes to printers/scanners.

cucki said...

looking so sweet.
love & smiles x

Silverlotus said...

Very cute!

I hope the computer problems get sorted out soon.