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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ABC's of Aging Artfully - Lizzie Kate

Part of my current project on 28ct Wedgewood Lugana. I've completed almost all of the first 3 lines.  "e" is charted for "eat chocolate." I'm allergic so I may substitute  "eat ice cream" if it will fit. I debated about fabric color and have decided I quite like the blue! The LNS owner advised I would need a full fat quarter. Nope. Just 1/2 that. Instead of wasting all that extra fabric, I'm utilizing a 2-1/4" allowance, which is more than enough for framing purposes. I would have preferred chart only, but it only comes as a kit with 4 skeins of CC Caterpillar, and 1 skein of each of the other colors (of which maybe 1/4 is actually used), plus some DMC white and an aqua. Except for the Caterpillar (which is a mix similar to 3371 with 898), I would have preferred to use same or similar CC's I already have on hand, and definitely didn't need the white or aqua. Still I liked it enough to buy.

PS:  Click here for some simple Patriotic and 4th of July designs and ideas!


Silverlotus said...

I think it looks great on the blue.

I have a couple of the other ABC kits, and I agree, chart only would be better.

Rita said...

It looks great!

I'm looking at the similar "marriage" themed LK kit but I'd much rather buy it in leaflet form. I don't care for kits b/c I like to choose my own floss and fabric.

Besides, I don't always stitch up something the minute I buy it.