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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wow, I read a lot of books last year

Between late 2010 and the end of 2011 I read 65 books. I've already finished 3 novels this year! I haven't read this voraciously in ... well, ever. Most are of the "cozy" mystery genre and of various series featuring the same characters, their lives moving forward in each following book. Some were pretty good. Some were generally okay. Others readers may prefer expensive new gadgets to read on, but I find there is something solid and comforting and very tactile about holding a book in your hands. So I'm checking these out from the library in good old-fashion, hard cover form. Of course this means I'm not stitching while I'm reading. And yes, I know I could get many of them in audio form, but I still prefer a good book. How about you?


cucki said...

i love reading books too..and these one all looking so lovely..
keep well dear and happy reading :)

Kay said...

Agatha Raisin is one of my favorites! MC Beatons's Hamish MacBeth series is fun, too. I was given a Kindle for Christmas, but still use the library all the time - I can't stand to pay for something (even if it's cheap!) when it's available for free.